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About HR Tech Insights: This page is dedicated to analysis and reviews of HR Tech vendors that ExcelHRate Analysts have spoken to directly within the last six months.

List of vendors reviewed (in alphabetical order):
eTeki – Technical interviewing platform – July 29, 2016
Pay Compliment – Feedback platform – August 11, 2016

Unit 4, 167 Pittwater Road Manly NSW 2095, Australia


What They Say: Pay Compliment is a complete feedback platform for performance review, in the moment feedback and customer feedback. We make it simple for managers, peers and other stakeholders to have meaningful feedback dialogues that are permanently available for action and reflection in your lifelong feedback stream.

Pay Compliment uses neuroscience to foster social connection within and beyond your organisation, repairing the relationship gaps and loss of social capital that is being created through self-service, remote work and the gig economy.

When everything in life is instant we help organisations move away from traditional annual reviews and periodic customer surveys to embrace the opportunities of real-time feedback and continuous engagement.

What ExcelHRate Says: Feedback about the effectiveness of an individual’s behavior is essential for learning and for motivation. Without feedback we can’t grow or evolve. One could even argue it is the feedback from our environment, both implicit and explicit and our ability to act on that feedback that has enabled human’s to adapt and evolve to their environments over time. In fact, in Ross Ashby’s “General Theory of Adaptive Systems”, he states that learning involves the adoption of a pattern of behavior that is compatible with survival. Feedback reduces uncertainty, reaffirms an individuals’ belief about themselves and their performance (self-esteem/self-efficacy) and increases feelings of competence.

Pay Compliment offers a “lifelong” feedback platform for individuals to send and receive feedback to one another. This feedback travels with the employee from job to job and allows the individual to manage their job performance throughout their career. Using guidance from, Jan Hills, a certified practitioner in Neuroscience Leadership, the Pay Compliments platform helps to highlight the role that context plays in feedback which also led to the design of a variety of different feedback templates which are available to choose from. These templates include the all familiar “Stop-Keep-Start” method developed by psychologist, Phil Daniels, of Brigham Young University as well as options to solicit Net Promoter Scores® — how likely would you be to recommend us to your friends or colleagues? – and even send video feedback (which can also be transcribed).

To send feedback to someone you have to know their feedback ID but if the person has chosen to make their feedback profile public a quick Google search using the search term “give feedback to” followed by the person’s name allows you to quickly locate an individual to send your feedback to. To get feedback without appearing in search you can share your Pay Compliment ID with your peers through a variety of creative methods such as including your ID in your email signature, adding it to invoices and customer reports or printing a desk tent to display your ID.

get feedback

What makes this platform unique and more than just a feedback tool is the use of sociographs to visually depict the feedback networks. The figure below is an example of an ego network with the individual at the center. It shows lines going to all the individuals they have given/received feedback from.  Functionality exists that results in the solid lines (connections) disappearing over time if the network is not nourished. People like to see large networks so the platform encourages individuals to establish reconnections and also to reciprocate feedback all of which creates a level of trust between both the sender and receiver, thereby facilitating greater levels of social capital in an outside of an organization.


Opportunities/Use Cases: The software is meant to also capture customer feedback so there is an opportunity for some nice analytics to look at content of feedback, frequency and context and tie that back to employee performance metrics.

Pay Compliment says that they have found that customers are “better at giving constructive feedback that is actionable”. This also means that Pay Compliment has an opportunity to supplement an organization’s current customer feedback processes by helping to facilitate a longer term connection between the customer and employee – a continuous feedback loop, you might say.

A missed opportunity, but one they are working on, is taking a deeper look at the network analytics generated from the sociographs and finding ways to connect the dots between network measures and individual performance or business related outcomes.

Try it out. If you liked this blog post and analysis of the Pay Compliment platform, please leave me feedback either by:



3030 N.Rocky Point Dr., Suite 810-B
Tampa, FL 33607


What They Say: eTeki, an on-demand technical interviewing platform, expands your company’s technical interviewing capabilities. When you don’t have the time, expertise, or headcount to screen a candidate’s technical knowledge, skills, or abilities, eTeki can help. eTeki delivers expert interviewers who get candidates to demonstrate their skills, competencies and experience on video in real-time – visual validation that you can watch at your convenience while reviewing their detailed technical assessment scores!

What ExcelHRate Says: eTeki is an on-demand technical interviewing platform that uses certified technical interviewers to screen top IT talent. The platform is meant to supplement an organization’s recruiting efforts, not replace them, by providing experts who are brought in to review the technical qualifications of a candidate. The platform allows recruiters to expand their understanding of the skills that candidate’s possess and elevates the recruiter as an expert in their organization. With nothing to download eTeki provides a synchronous video-interviewing experience that takes the individual candidate into account and helps to pre-qualify them for specific technical roles. After every interview a “Candidate Skills Scorecard” is generated which combines scores generated by the interviewer and comments documented on both the candidate’s competency and experience with pre-defined technical skills. Ultimately, the e-Teki platform helps to connect technical talent to hiring managers and recruiters with confidence.

Opportunities/Use Cases: The e-Teki platform has enormous potential to expand beyond the IT arena. Think anywhere you have jobs that are hard to fill due to very specific requirements or that may need an expert to help identify. If combined with psychological assessments, the e-Teki platform also has the potential to provide a much higher level of qualified, pre-screened candidates to organizations of all sizes and types.

#hrtech #recruiting #talentacquisition #videointerviewing #vendor – Posted July 29, 2016


*All vendor mentions, comments and analysis are unpaid unless otherwise noted.


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